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Farm-to-Table Charm

~ Est. 2014 ~
Group of exotic tropical fruits. Mango,

The Beast & Spoon 

Not A Restaurant

Welcome to dinner in bathing suits and

kids running wild. Hiring a private chef

is a luxury that outdoes the restaurant scene.

An Unforgettable Celebration

Whether it's your birthday, anniversary or wedding,

our team will craft an extraordinary food experience

that will be the highlight your big day.

Dynamic Menus

It all begins with a chef consultation,

so we get a sense of your food vision.

We cook for all,

from adventurous foodies to

vegans and celiacs. 

Maui Farm-To-Table

We take pride in hunting down the best ingredients

Maui has to offer, prepping them with love and

cooking everything fresh, right in front of you.

Open Kitchen

Join us at the stove to learn our cooking secrets

or send us your aspiring keiki chefs (the little ones) for some real-world experience. 

Charming Service

You set the tempo of the celebration.

Our polished staff know to either stay

behind-the-scenes or engage.

My entire family believes that hiring them was the best decision of the trip and that it made for the most spectacular evening/dinner of the vacation.  

Jason B.

Group of exotic tropical fruits. Mango,

Meet Marluy, your hostess

Nature Lover
Hands-On Creative
In her past life (circa NYC) Marluy worked in fashion, managing millions at empires like Amazon and Wal-mart. But the possibility of a healthier work-life balance kept her hungry. That search for freedom led her to Maui and the birth of The Beast & Spoon - a food company whose culture is driven by a humble appreciation for local farmers, fishermen, butchers, chefs, and families like yours. When Marluy isn't busy tasting every dish, she can be found as a siren on Maui beaches, dancing ecstatically and writing her New York Times bestselling book.

Event Catering & Weddings

A wedding with unforgettable food
IS possible. The Beast & Spoon offers lovers with epicurean menus, catered specifically to all their food dreams.
As a boutique catering service, our maximum guest count is 35.

At Your Service

The Beast & Spoon, LLC

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PO Box 81606 Haiku, HI 96708

Share with us your food dreams

Mahalo nui loa